introducing the national Youth Awards where our main aim is to encourage and recognise the youth in South Afrrica that are making a difference, contributing to the national economy and changing lives with their innovative business solutions.The platform will encourage more youth to consider entrepreneurship rather than wait to be employed.


The objectives of the awards are to:

• Recognise youth that are contribution in the economy

• Encourage innovative thinking

• Inspire entrepreneurial edge

• Advocate for job creation rather than job seeking.

Who should participate?

All youth business owners that have been operational for a minimum of three years. The awards cuts across sectors.

The nominations are open for the following categories:

Youngest disruptor of the year

This individual has demonstrated exceptional bravery in breaking through the market and growing sustainably despite challenges faced.

Most innovative business solution

This individual has come up with a unique business idea that is impacting lives positives

Highest social impact

The fastest growing business that is creating a lot of employment and generating a healthy income.

Most tech savy

This individual has developed innovative and effective ways to conduct e-commerce and made a positive impact on the industry as a whole

Sustainable business

This individual has demonstrated commitment to the environment making the world more sustainable.

Apply to be a nominee at the Youth Awards